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Please Follow These Rules of conduct :: Empty Please Follow These Rules of conduct ::

Post  lust4blood on Sat Apr 03, 2010 12:53 am

Like any other forums, we have rules too. If you break any of the rules Points will be deducted from your account. If you keep breaking the rules it will lead to ban.
The following below are the rules listed:
* Do Not Link to inappropriate websites. This includes, but is not limited to, sites containing adult content, information on any type of software piracy, or racially offensive materials. This will get you permanently banned.
* No advertising any hack sites what-so-ever, its a disgrace to these forums and will get you permanently banned.
* Do not post inappropriate images (Nudity, other people's photos, images suggesting suicide or real world violence/hatred, racism)
* Do not make any Sexist, Sexually Themed, Racist, or Hate threads.
* Do not make any threads about using, planning, discussing, or taking part in illegal activities such as theft, drugs, killing, etc.
* No Profanity within the forums unless it is in the act of comedy. Every good forum needs a pretty good since of humor.
* Never Insult any person or group of people on the forum.
* Do not attempt to buy, sell, or barter accounts, or anything else for that matter on these boards. Or you will be banned.
* Discussions or posting images of other online games other than the one the forum is for is not allowed.
* No political or religious discussion of any kind will be tolerated on the forums. These kinds of conversations almost always devolve into insult contests or flame wars.
* Do not Flame each other! Use your manners and common sense. If you disagree with someone, do so gracefully. Additionally do not link to websites such as or any other website pertaining to it in identical nature. It will be treated like spam and dealt with accordingly.
Thanks for your support and please follow by the rules.
I don't want to have to ban people for not following them.

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